Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day Juan

Good evening,

My name is Isaiah Garza, and this is my blog. Its hard to think that Mila Kunis voices Meg on Family Guy. Long story short, Mila Kunis is hot. Meg, is not.

Here's what i did today: (names have been changed to protect the innocent) 

Around 2 am central standard time, I was woken from heavenly slumbers by a phone call from a former friend and colleague who attends texas state.We'll call him Zack. And zack, just like everyone else in San Marcos on wednesday night, was drunk. 

His first words were "holy crap you answered!"
i was soon propositioned to drive up to san marcos and ice our friend "julies" porch/entrance to her apartment. 
needless to say, i went back to bed. he ended up doing it himself.

approximately 4.5 hrs later, i was awakened by a text from my friend "lucy" claiming i stole his razor. 

i did steal his razor. (in my defense, he only shaves like once a month and its a really nice razor and i also took his shaving cream) also important to note, i didnt respond to him until he texted me again around 3, asking about his razor.

 somewhere between the hours of that and 430, i watched district 9 (fookin prawns!) and ate a bowl of cereal. boring. 

around 3:30 i get a text from this tall, pasty girl "luz". wants to " hang out" she says. i take a shower.

fast forward about an hour and im with "luz" and our other friend gertrude at goodwill. for the next hour i watched them try on grandma clothes and steal the ones they like.

highlight of the day: district 9 and got a job interview. 

highlight of tomorrow: finding my wallet. 

im isaiah garza, and this is my life/these are my friends.

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